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Calexico Crossings II

Calexico, California

We're excited! We began construction last week on another major project, Calexico Crossing II in Calexico, California. These are two office/warehouse buildings of glass and concrete, near the border crossing between Mexicali, the capital of Baja California del Norte, and the U.S. town of Calexico. We are pleased to be working with Hamann Construction, the general contractor on this project.

May 3 2019: We're almost finished!

This $500,000+ project has gone smoothly and is almost finished! Thanks to our Superintendent and VP of Field Operations Eric Zenor and to our terrific ironworkers who have done such a great job on this big project. No accidents, no delays, no cost overruns, everything done right. We're proud of you guys! Proof once again that in the long run it saves money for everybody for us to pay over-market wages to get ironworkers who have the experience to do things right, unlike many of our competitors who hire newbies so they can save a few bucks on labor costs and then mess up or have accidents.

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