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Be Wary of Low Bids

We are seeing a tendency recently on the part of some of our competitors to deliberately underbid jobs by playing games with the scope of the work in their bids. If you are a general contractor or concrete contractor putting out a job for bid, BE CAREFUL IN REVIEWING THE SCOPE OF WORK IN LOW BIDS, especially if there is a big spread in the numbers. What you may discover is that you accept what seems like a bargain bid, only to get a nasty surprise when you receive invoices for change orders for items that you thought were included in the specifications for the job. Do not instinctively leap at the lowest number among the bids.

Also, evaluate the quality of the work you are likely to get. Are you likely to have difficulty dealing with the low bidder? Based on experience or reputation, is there a likelihood of work delays or problems with performance that could hold up the job? Sometimes saving a few bucks isn't worth it.

At Heavy Metal Steel Company, Inc., we pride ourselves on careful bids that conform to the engineers' and architects' specifications, on being easy to work with, and on doing quality, on-time work. Call our President, Linda Rosenberg, at 760-522-7969 to learn more.

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